When I was a child, I had wild thoughts.
Thoughts like,
Whenever lightning lighted up the sky, In my heart, I say, “God just took my passport photograph”.
Whenever thunderstruck, especially the loud scary ones, I said “angels are rearranging the chairs in heaven”.
That worked, I guess because I became unafraid of loud noises in the sky.

Then, My Mum, said, “don’t shine the torchlight up into the sky.
You are shinning it on God’s face”.
Even today, I still can’t shine the torchlight skywards.
I guess she was only trying to extend the life of her “Berec batteries”.
Well, who knows?
I know, God is always watching.

Now I have grown up…
I have so many ways of relating with God.
When I am overwhelmed, my silence does my praying.
When I weep, my tears do a lot of talking.
When I am silent, my heartbeat screams my petitions.
When I walk amid nature, creation talks to me about the Creator.
In the pouring rain, I am cleansed of my dirty thoughts and stripped of my fears.
When the wind blows, whipping through houses around me, I hear angels talking to one another about the love of Christ for man.
When I feel hopeless, the clouds send me a Divine message.
When everything turns against me, the orangey sunset reminds me that God is still in control.
When I feel abandoned, he sends the rainbow to tell me He is with me.

So I had another wild thought.
I cried repeatedly at dawn as I embarked upon my walk, “show me your face, Oh Lord”.
And He did more than that.
He showed up, white robe, no sash, black hair, black beard and we both walked down Eligbolo village road.
I don’t know if others on the road saw Him
Ain’t we like that fish in the sea, asking other fishes “where is the sea?”
We are seeking He who is not far from us
He knocks the door of our hearts, who is awake, who is conscious ?
Awake thou child of God.
Awake and think another wild thought.

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