Let me explain.

If you keep reading what others are reading, you will start writing the way they write. 

To differentiate yourself and maintain your uniqueness, go for audio/visual sources and materials that are a bit older. 

Read relevant things from thirty years ago on the subject because most of the competition is feeding from current sources. 

Look beyond bestsellers and mainstream publications and go for uncommon books, obscure books, research papers, etc. It’s like cleaning your man cave only to discover something from the past that you can use to benefit your present life.

There is treasure everywhere if only you would expand your search outside the regular places.

I am saying, stop fishing from red waters, look for blue waters, and sail into uncharted territories where you may uncover uncommon wisdom.

It will give your content a fresh perspective because you are feeding from unconventional sources that others have overlooked.

This will set you apart on the field and earn you respect.

The mainstream gatekeepers failed to recognize and support many lesser-known works and unconventional writers due to their deviation from “acceptable standards,” resulting in restricted visibility or rejection. 

Your writing will also be padded with historical angles that others don’t have, and this will endear prospective clients to you. 

Also, older materials make it easy for you to widen your understanding. 

You clicked this post because I said, to become a writer/angelwiter/ghostwriter, etc, don’t read. 

Some may have been pumped ready to have a go at me. It was deliberate. 

I used the title to draw you in so you could read this piece.

If I had said to become an excellent writer, read. Some of you may not have read this article because that is what is expected of a writer. 

So you see, it worked because it was different.

Stop following the crowd. There is a vast world with untapped resources waiting for you if only you would “step out of the boat and walk on water”. 

Don’t read from only contemporary sources. You will become unique if you read what others are not reading. 

I hope this gives a clearer understanding of the initial text!


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