This is a poem that speaks the truth concerning a past pain point. I dedicate it to all who have lost someone dear to them. It’s also to remember you – “Mimi“. That’s was what you were popularly called. We called you “Stainless”. I didn’t put your picture because there is no need. Thanks for playing your part though you left abruptly in March 2012, God knows best.

Men are like rain droplets rolling down the windowpane in a rainstorm

Drip and roll, drip and roll, off they go

Into oblivion, into endlessness

Making the living become reluctant record keepers of hard to take matters.

Every man someday will become a faded memory to another

Ask the baobab tree and he will tell you tales of great men long forgotten

Whilst tick is talking to tock, men are sliding out one person per time.

The earth rotates spinning death and life at the same time.

Their place in our lives no one can take

Their favorite chair cries daily for them to come and warm it up

What is left is scars in our hearts that are healed and not healed

One day every man will become a scar in another record keeper’s heart.

Death is not just the loss of a person

It’s a loss of things we say and do together

Secret jists and sacred codes no one else understands

Abruptly, “Stainless, stainless” was removed from my lexicon.

Death announced makes men’s heartbreak into pieces

Then a broken man tries to get up and move on

He struggles to retrieve all the shattered pieces

But the needed, he can never get back again.

Though a treasured part appears lost forever

It’s not really lost, Mimi, you only changed location

To a different plane of consciousness

An afterlife, deeper and more real than this one.

Nothing is the same if Mufasa is no longer in the jungle

Of what use is the river without its goldfish

The woodcutter didn’t just cut down “the cedar”

He sent a message but no one including the wise “could read the stars”.

The older you get, a record keeper you become

List of friends and foes who have gone to the great beyond your memory is compelled to keep

Till that day comes, for surely it will come

Then the record keeper will be added to another record keepers list.



KG · March 3, 2020 at 9:14 am

Many have gone, but in the hearts, thoughts and memories of their loved ones, they live forever.

    Ovyay · March 3, 2020 at 9:20 am


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