The Battle is the Lord’s- Series 1

It was in the wee hours, 18th of Oct. 2022 to be precise, a time when deep sleep falls on the sons of men. I had just finished my intercessions and decided to meditate. Suddenly, I was caught up in the whirlwind of a vision of the morning. I found myself in a military-type attack helicopter that was flying over a thick dark jungle of the Amazon dimension. There was a mission to be carried out as I was amid battle-ready stern-looking camouflaged dressed military personnel. If you have seen US Marines on a mission you would understand what scene I am trying to describe. I couldn’t tell whether it was night or day, but it was dark and creepy, the type that makes you say your last prayers if you are the scary type. I wasn’t afraid because I believe frequencies from the Realm of Divine Light made me strong among these experienced soldiers. I can only describe them as soldiers though I think they may have been angels. These I am sure are the host of Heaven, even the Micheal company. Though these angels looked friendly, there was something stern looking about them. Their mien made you realize they weren’t to be messed with. They were however orderly, respectful, and friendly whenever they related to me. I noticed no one was leading this army though they deferred to me in everything we did. Somehow, we all seemed to know what to do and did it without even talking amongst ourselves.

As soon as we landed in the heart of this eerie jungle, growls, and hisses welcomed us. We immediately got ourselves ready to engage the unseen enemy, having sensed there was an advancement towards us.  I still can’t explain how I got to know all the military-related drill positions, safe to say, the Quickening Spirit was with me throughout this experience.

Out of the dark smoky greenish dense vegetation emerged a grotesque-looking angry Dragon-like serpent. It was large and ugly, snarling, slithering, and spitting as cobras do. This was no ordinary snake. It was a humongous monster with a huge snake-like head at its neck region ringed by several other smaller heads attached to the same body. All the heads were striking and biting into the air in different directions. On each head of the smaller heads were huge green eyes while the main head had three large beady eyes, droopy jaws filled with crooked teeths, with blood mixed with slime dripping all over the murky jungle floor.

We were in the snake line. There was no turning back from this clash but somehow I knew this was the reason why we came into this dark and murky zone. Besides, I knew the Lord was with us and there was nothing to fear.

We took a military attack position around this entity and in unison sprayed it from top to the bottom with hot lead from our submachine guns. Our guns were the type that required no re-loading. With the hail of bullets we unleashed on this ugly monstrous grotesqueness we had a continuous supply of bullets. It appears as if with each bullet flying out of the chamber another one miraculously emerged in its place. Finally with a large roar and huge vomit of fire, from which we all docked, this snake-like dragon fell to the ground with a loud thud that shook everything in the environment. It then went into death throes. A cloud of greenish-black smoke with a foul odor came out of its exterior and nostril as it breathed its last. We all gave it a wide berth as it kicked it’s last and died.

Immediately it died, I noticed a bright light burst over our heads and lit up the entire jungle and suddenly plants that looked drab and unappealing became so beautiful to behold . I mean one minute, it was dark and murky. The next, it was daylight and all the vegetation now assumed their original hues with birds singing and butterflies fluttering all over the place. Bottom line is that the flora and fauna were transformed and it was as if the whole bush was awakened to a new and beautiful day. This was praise re-loaded.

Anyway, though we had killed the dragon, there was no jubilation amongst us. This wasn’t out of pity for this being, but I sensed to this team, this was the usual. I mean just another day’s job, nothing to it. We did a quick body count and noticed we had no casualties amongst us. We gave praise to Him that lives forever, and ever, then advanced towards the dead body of the dragon. I went for its soft underbelly and split it open with the light-emitting Eternity sword that was given to me by the LORD sometime ago, instinctively dodging the foul-smelling spray of blood mixed with entrails that spewed out with a hissing sound from its belly. With the belly now open, I noticed two things. A large white egg-shaped object and a huge treasure box, which the soldiers helped me to drag out and clean up with water from a nearby babbling brook. The treasure trunk box immediately became shining, so dazzling that it lit up our faces and the immediate vicinity. As for our equipment, there was no dirt or stain on them. Same with our uniforms. It appears as if when something touched or stained us, it automatically just got cleaned out.

As we examined the treasure box and the egg, I sensed we had another company. The soldiers knew this too but we all pretended as if we didn’t know that an enemy was somehow close by. A huge reddish-blue angry-looking eye appeared in the sky above us. As a diversion, I immediately jumped on the strange dragon, making my intention known to everyone that I felt we needed to poke the eyes of the dead beast just for the fun of it. The soldiers caught my drift and also encouraged me to go ahead and spite the dead dragon by gouging out its eyes. I made a beeline for its head region. If you have ever walked on a weak bridge made out of ropes before, you will understand how it felt walking on this beast. It was bumpy, and slippery all the way. I noticed the emergent eye was trailing me as I moved in the direction of the slain beast’s eyes while the other soldiers pretentiously busied themselves with the treasure box and the egg by rolling it into position for quick evacuation.

At the head region of the beast, I brought out my Eternity sword, pointed it towards Heaven, and then pointed downwards to the earth. This was my covenant sign to the Righteous God that I honored Him above all and at the same time, brought forth His presence to bear upon the earth, hence the downward motion added after I pointed it upwards. Immediately my sword began to pulsate and emit greater light, a signal to me that it has been infused with the intention of the Father, the source of all life. Once this happens, the sword gets a life of its own. All I do is hold it as it moves, cuts, and does whatever the intention of the Father was at that moment. I also noticed that anytime I used this sword, in its pulsating mode, my whole being also became more empowered and infused with the will of God. I must add that this sword also knows my intentions. At times, whenever I pointed it Heavenwards, it would extend far into the sky till it was no longer visible to me. The same happens whenever I point it earth wards, with my spiritual eyes and ears becoming more active. In those times, I begin to operate with superhuman strength.

I pretended to gouge the eyes of the dragon and at the same time made a U-turn and in one flash move, and suddenly pinned the sword into the observing eye above me. There was a scream of great pain accompanied by the sound of several doors and windows loudly slamming shut. A sort of domino effect followed as each door and window slammed shut one after the other. This continued for a little while till everything quieted down. This was when our mission became clearer to me. For those doors and windows were ancient monitoring stations of darkness and the slain being was a principality over that region. The enemy had used this region to destroy, capture/lock up several destinies preventing them from advancing further. I praised the Lord for His wisdom and the privilege He gave to me by empowering me to serve with His hosts.

I returned to the others and had a thought of breaking open the white egg but sensed the stern rebuke of the Quickening Spirit warning that the egg was full of other eggs and once opened, each egg will manifest another egg, and another egg, that had biting venomous serpents in them leading to the release of a deluge of dangerous serpents into the world of man. Instead, we dug the earth and laid it gingerly into the hole that was supposed to serve as its grave. I linked my hands together allowing Divine energy to form a ball of fire in my hands. I now placed it beside the egg. We then quickly closed the hole with the earth and stepped back a little knowing what was about to happen. A huge bang ensued and the egg and all its contents were vaporized in the resulting fire.

We then opened the Treasure box and out of it, flew hundreds of white birds which flew immediately, Heavenwards. The Quickening Spirit said these were captured destinies trapped in the belly of the dragon and now they are free to fulfill their several calls. Hallelujah to the Lord of Hosts.

The next thing we heard was glorious sounds and vibrations coming out of heavens and we observed as one like the Son of man descended. We all bowed but there was no peace in our hearts. My battle-ax the Quickening Spirit said, “the being you have bowed to is the deceiver himself. Rebuke him sternly less he corrupts your good manners”. This being looked like the Lord as he continued to descend but as I took a second look, I noticed he was holding aloft, a red, black smoke emitting candle. I signaled my observation to the soldiers in their prostrate position that this was an enemy (a fact they already knew) and as before, we blasted it in unison and it vanished.

Next, a giant ball of colorful light emerged in the Heavens and started descending. This was different. The vibration was higher and even the trees bowed as we bowed the second time. I noticed the soldiers had disappeared and I was alone in the brightness of the light that engulfed me and Yeshua’s voice spoke from within it saying, “I am a concerned parent too” referencing an incident that happened between me and some brethren concerning parental worries about their kids. In that incident, this was the advice the Lord gave to me. That immediately further confirmed who was before me as the Lord of lords and the King of kings, praise be to Him forever, and ever. I opened my eyes and the vision ended.

A few minutes after writing down this vision, I sat down again reflecting on everything, and suddenly I was catapulted into the spirit realm and found myself in the company of the same set of soldiers inside the attack helicopter the second time. We were now in another dark region. A strong beam of light at the base of the attack helicopter illuminated the dense jungle beneath us. As it kept sweeping the scene below, everything began to transform as we journeyed. The next thing I realized was, we were entering the garden of my heart. I could recognize its beach and I became filled with joy. Pink flowers which represented the color of the loving-kindness of the Lord welcomed me as they waved and weaved in the wind as I disembarked from the helicopter. The Lord spoke into my heart “ This is your rest”. Amen. I concurred.

I went into the beachside hut where I knew the Lord always waited for me, anytime He came around and found Him sitting with a fire burning before Him. He embraced me and gave me a cup of tea or should I say coffee. I am not sure but it revived me instantly. Once more He said to me, “I am a concerned parent too. Think of it this way, If a man owns a hundred sheep and one lamb wanders away and is lost, won’t he leave the ninety-nine grazing on the hillside and go out and thoroughly search for the one lost lamb? And if he finds his lost lamb, he rejoices over it, more than over the ninety-nine who are safe”.

I knew He felt my embarrassment /disappointment with my conduct concerning some parental matters. I felt I could have handled those matters better but didn’t.

The Lord is so wonderful. I could see the great lengths to which He was going to reassure me that my concerns were valid. Besides, His eyes told me I hadn’t failed Him in any form. I quickly jettisoned the odd feeling I had been carrying for a while and embraced the peace/joy that comes from being in His presence.

I opened my eyes and I was back in my sitting room.


Postscript –

This vision is written as experienced save for some adjustments here and there that were done for the purpose of proper literary delivery of the events as it unfolded.

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Kunle Folorunso · October 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm


    Mercy · October 22, 2022 at 3:02 pm

    Victory always with Jesus

      Ovyay · October 22, 2022 at 6:25 pm

      Yes and Amen

Kg · October 22, 2022 at 12:30 pm

Indeed the battle is the Lord’s and victory is for His children. Hallelujah.

    Ovyay · October 22, 2022 at 1:02 pm


Febisola (Shola) Abiona · October 24, 2022 at 2:51 am

More grace pastor 👍👍👍
The grace to keep trusting and believing God that He’s got our back be upon us all
Amen 🙏🙏🙏

linda · November 23, 2022 at 12:11 pm

I pray you will be used even more in God’s kingdom! Please see Dan Duval’s ministry and do some of the prayers – especially the Singularity Prayer. Spend some time watching the videos too and if you can get his latest book and do a course. You will go from strength to strength and your spirit will be so blessed brother. God bless you. (I am not affiliated in any way with a ministry – I just found Dan Duval this past month and his teachings are amazing!)

    Ovyay · November 23, 2022 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks for your recommendation . I have actualy read one of His books titled Higher dimension ,parallel dimension and the spiirit realm which I enjoyed. I will check this one out too.

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