I watched his persistence .
Oh his knuckles, a firmer grip I see.
The demons of inconvenience, their witchcraft’s initiated.
The smooth roads rough and dusty they became.
How does a man see when he can’t see.

Reduced visibility is no discouragement.
For when he can’t see, I observed he sees.
Persistence is a light.
From darkness the Maker called light.

He is my driver.
A soul who sees when he can’t see.
Into the dust he drove.
The assault of bumps everywhere.
The goal kept him going.
He had a dream and a destination.
He has God.
He sees when he can’t see.

Ultimately perseverance paid off.
The rough and the dusty evaporated.
A sudden twist of favourable faith happened.
The smooth roads came forth.
Beauty replied ashes.
Colours of life I now see.
A prize only the persistent covets.

And to my self I mused.
This I must do.
Misleading clues of life shall not divert me.
I must see when I can’t see.
When the waves of travail rages against my goal.
I must bear down on my dreams.
For at the end the tender roads await my soul that sees when they can’t see.

Fellow wayfarers hold on to your dreams.
The driver has given me the recipe of victory.
The wise man saith, “see when you can’t see”.
Don’t give up and ship out.
A journey man must not turn back.
We are all closer to the end of travail than we first begun.

Unto every man a dream.
Unto every soul a purpose.
A storm or two life may bring.
A cocktail of good and bad.
If we don’t dream we don’t go.
If we are not obstinate.
We won’t arrive.
That’s how to see when you can’t see.
Copyright 2017.

Dedicated to all who are on the journey of hope.

Categories: Poetry

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