He cares

When friends are no longer there And men no longer care Money now rare Leaving you with things that scare. Surely, it would seem life is unfair. Look on to He that is up there. Read more…


Why I travel.

I have been asked, “why do you travel”? Such a simple question but for me tricky to answer. Why I said it’s tricky to answer is because to give the right answer, you must be Read more…

By Ovyay, ago

Who are you

I wrote this poem to celebrate everyone who reads it as we are all writers of some sort. Whether you are a renowned author, a stay home at mum, entrepreneur, student etc, everybody writes. We Read more…



Tick says the clock, the unending voice of time it’s train, trudging on Never waiting, never stopping. I am Time Nothing mortal has been able to stop me. Nothing mortal will ever do. Till the Read more…

By Ovyay, ago


A Political science graduate from the Univeristy of Lagos. He is a poet and has a passion for photography and traveling.
He runs an NGO called angel hands through which he reaches out to cater for the poor and needy.
Presently he is a fulltime Pastor with Mystery Of Grace International Church, Portharcourt.