Social Media Week is actually a conference that is held in most cities of the world to spotlight the manifold ways that technology can be used to constructively impact the environment, government, travel, business, even Read more…

By Ovyay, ago


Regret is all about mourning the past and embalming the future. In doing so you are not wise. Why lodge in the graveyard of your laid-aside past When you can embrace the paradise of your Read more…

By Ovyay, ago

I fear…

I will not be alive today if all the things I feared had come to pass. By my experience and exposure, God always comes through. This is 2020, let’s stop being afraid and start having Read more…


A Political science graduate from the Univeristy of Lagos. He is a poet and has a passion for photography and traveling.
He runs an NGO called angel hands through which he reaches out to cater for the poor and needy.
Presently he is a fulltime Pastor with Mystery Of Grace International Church, Portharcourt.

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