Woman I cried out,(getting irritated,
Woman I bellowed,(getting combative),
Echoes of silence, hush, tranquil, everywhere is.

What is thy cause, mature man?
My thoughts confronting my tears,
Hunger, culinary arts we demand,
my stomach roaring and rumbling in response.

Where is Womanhood to my neighbors I shouted,
RAPTURED, they replied.
Have thou not heard? Dost thou not know?
That Womanhood ceaseth in the earthly places?
Indistinct noises, from miserable comforters they were to me.   

My mother, she I must call.
The women are raptured come over I mused my request to her within me.
The phone rang and my father sang,
She got RAPTURED he said, son she got RAPTURED.
Then my senses returned to me, alas, she too is a woman.

To the market of life ventured I,
With silver enough to be spent.
Several hurting and fighting fellows I did see.
The woman, more precious than rubies she be.

Why dost thou hurt thy brother I asked?
For two humble pieces of fishes we contend.
A purse bulging with silver I beheld,
Yet wrath descended as neither knew the agreeable price.
Gloomily I discerned, negotiating skills and wisdom in the market of life has been RAPTURED.

We must see Mr President, uttered we,
Him also we found.
Confused and broken hearted
I guess his wife was RAPTURED too.

Then it dawned on me.
Concerning all that is done in the world of man.
Without the WOMAN,
Patience, wisdom and Godliness ceases,
All joy and pleasure become ashes.
The woman, the cream and intelligence of life.
Strong as a storm,
Yet beautiful than the rainbow,
Reliable as a standing sun
Approachable help has left us.

Why did we treat them badly I mused within me.
Why didn’t we respect them more.
Now God has taken them all
Now we are in the fall.
Who is going to cook the meals?
Who is going to run the bath?
I can’t light the stove,
My car keys I can’t find,
She alone knows the what, when and where of things.

None I found desired to be a gentlemanly.
Even the young became uncouth.
The Limousine is a waste without her.
Colognes and the perfumes are a wretchedness.
Existence is become colorless,
A desire able orange that lacks sweetening juice.

The worst is come. The stock market crashed,
The company’s are folding up.
A lot of them thrived on the grace of Womanhood,
Selling and keeping their customers for them.
The woman, an entire fortune she be but I knew it not.
The power of feminity is now clear.
The wisdom of womanhood runs everything.

How is mankind going to soldier on?
From Whence do we get babies?
What do we when our pleasure appetite makes it’s noble demands (shudders)
Down there lies the restless companion
sequestered in the midst of the hairy bush.

Alternatives are available a young dopey head ejaculated,
Speaking words marinated in prideful arrogance.
A vomiting of falsity had taken place.
Shut up another roared, his eyes blazing like red coals.
No alternative to Woman
Don’t you get it, he bellowed.
And put those damn headphones down,
Before I break you down.

An old man his hands raised,
May I but say my piece.
Hear this my sons,
We all maltreated womanhood,
We all disrespected the womanhood .
We all disregarded the womanhood ,
And she we took for granted.

From Heaven I heard an admonition,
If we all get on our knees,
apologize to and respect them
The Divine will DE-RAPTURE them.

To beg for a woman I dare not a fool said.
Neither can I venture such an abomination seconded Mr stupid.
Mr red coal eyes got up,
Hear thou young fool, said he,
Your father on his knees he was,
Thy mother’s hands he entreated
I am man enough to apologise to my woman 👩.
Real men, man up and to their knees go,
But the fools, the Divine shall cause to abide alone.

Another man got up, on his knees went he.
Then another, and another,
Yours truly got up and knelt
And on my knees I awoke sweating and wondering.
Kneeling beside me I suddenly beheld her,
What are we praying about honey she asked?
From whence is this distress come upon thee,
Terrors of the night like dew on thee I perceive.

A dream I had, my illusions dressed up in the garb of fearful factuality.
Great in the Sky, visited me in the dialect of allegories.
Divinity I Thank, for it was only a dream.

Now I know her value, strength and wisdom.
Thou art true to life or yet an angel 😇
She is my wife, my most trusted, love, friend,
Fellow pilgrim, till Righteous Eternity calls. Selah  😂 😂 😂 .

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