What is Ovyay.com

In this blog you are going read about true life experiences that I have had traveling through Nigeria and the world. You will also enjoy Poems that have come out of my life exposures and experiences. I am going to give you firsthand information through my travel experiences especially concerning Africa as one of my desires in life is to use travel photography as a medium to correct the negative connotations about Africa through the use of images that speak the truth.If you are a Company, Group, Social influencer or a Private individual who desires to do business or know more about Nigeria and Africa, then this blog is for you. If you love adventure, whether you are an adult or youth, this is the blog to stay in touch with. If you love Photography whether as a Professional or hobbyist stay with me you won’t have wasted your time visiting this blog.

This blog is also for Authors and Writers of all categories as I will bring my writing experiences and exposure to mutually benefit my readers in this blog. Once in a while, I will feature guest writers too so if you are interested in writing for this blog, send me a DM . I am also open for collaboration with like minded people and companies who want to bring their business close to people .

This blog is for everyone who love to read about interesting places, people, events and poetry.I am not an expert, or a know it all person. I am still growing and willing to learn from my readers. So feel free to share what you know so we all can learn and grow together. I actually decided to start this blog because I realized that I have a passion to write and do Photography. In addition, I have been privileged to travel to some parts of Nigeria and seen beautiful places, landscapes, met talented people who have no voice because these people /places are poorly documented and not advertised well. Africa is not all about war, poverty, monkeys and famine etc. It’s a beautiful place filled with great people. The task is huge but by one little blog post to another , we can all correct the negative images that has been spread around concerning Africa and Nigeria in particular.

I will appreciate if you my readers will take time to comment and share after reading any posts in this blog. Thank you.

Our Mission

We are here to show the world the beauty of Africa with captivating pictures and poems that can inspire this generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to extend our travels beyond the shores of Africa. We believe in the uniqueness of all cultures and our intention is to use travel photography.and poetry as our medium of expression.